Thursday, July 12, 2012

Camping: Indoor S'More Bar

 The only time this tray 'o smores was outside was for a photo.  The thing about Texas summers....They.  Are.  Hot.  And this summer, because of a warm winter the bugs are out and about, and I don't want any of it!  We did this for dessert when my family was visiting a little over a month ago.  I included all sorts of chocolates, peanut butter, sticks, marshmallows, crackers etc.  You could certainly take this to the 10th degree with a selection of fruits, flavored marshmallows etc, but we mostly just ate candy bars with a side of marshmallows.  We sat in the air conditioned house and roasted our marshmallows with kabob sticks.  I lit up one of these warming cans-set in a bucket of salt (I didn't have any sand), and....
 I taught Blythe how to do this as well.  It turned into a marshmallow 'wand.'  Works for me. 
 I made her a marshmallow sandwich.....obviously, I'm in charge of teaching her the important life lessons. 


Courtney*Cakes said...

This would be perfect for us here in Phoenix!!!

Anonymous said...

I certainly wouldn't know from personal experience or anything, but I "hear" that you can toast marshmellows over a stove burner as well.