Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vintage Pattern-Buttons

 I'm pretty sure I need a button machine.  I recently saw these for sale on Etsy, and even though I don't own a button machine, most of the teacher stores in the area do, and you can make buttons for 25 cents.  I won't go through the process because you either A)  Own a button machine, and you shouldn't let me know because envy isn't a good color on me or B)  You'll need to go to a teacher store to make your own buttons-in which case, it's a 'teacher' store....they'll be happy to teach you how to do it.  But.....I recently redid some things in my classroom, and my bulletine boards are getting a little bit more 'me.'  I have one I'll post tomorrow that is a message center, and I decided instead of the obligator pushpin to hold up papers and documents....I'm going to use pokey buttons. 
I used an old pattern with a ripped cover...
....(the innards I'll post about tomorrow) to make these buttons. 
...and now.....I'll add button making to my 12 step program list.  The good thing about my addictions are that there are soooooo many, they never really get to develope into truly unhealthy, exclusive problems....at least that is what I tell myself, and I'm sleeping pretty well at night.