Vintage Pattern Clipboard

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I saw this idea at our3cs, and I decided I absolutely needed to incorporate this into my classroom.  I'm slowly but surely, six years after being in the same room changing things around.  I've had roommates up until this point, so I haven't wanted to completely take over the space and add too much 'me.'  I miss my roommates, but....I'm finally going to take advantage of being alone and putting more of me into my 'office space.'  Lot's more project to go, but....a big portion of what my job entails, or what my room 'does' is house items for other teachers to check out.  We keep boards for people to write down what they have taken, just so we can track them down when necessary.  Now.....a cuter way to track those check outs....vintage pattern clipboards. 
So easy....I had bought some old patterns on Ebay awhile back, I've used them in 2,345 different projects, now this.  I used the inside pattern instructions to make the back of the clipboards.  I used the outside on the buttons I posted about yesterday.
I added ribbon to the top of the board. 
To 'frame' these, I found an old print at a thrift store, popped ou the picture, and sprayed it black. 

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