Bobbin Storage

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
 I recently went on a little retreat with friends.  I decided (after witnessing a friend do this) to thread a bunch of bobbins in advance so I didn't spend my three days running out of thread (which always....always happens about 3 inches from any 'finished' portion of whatever project I'm working on).  I found this idea on sew4home on storing bobbins so they aren't rolling around, unraveling, and being a messy tangle of threadnessmess.
See, messy bobbins.
 One pedicure and free 'toe separator thingies that hurt and I rip off before even stepping out of the chair' later.....ta da, organized bobbins.
The good news, sure you can purchase your own set of these things for a few cents, but.....I personally think it's just not the same unless you acquire a pair via a practically is saving you money!  Clearly, I'm ready for Washington's budget committee meetings. 


Cathy Camic said...

Love your blog! Looking for your cute hot chocolate in a mason jar gift idea (the one with marshmallow snowmen). I need the recipe, please. The recent pin on Pinterest didn't have the complete recipe! Can you post again? Thanks! Cathy Camic

Christy said...
Here is the link. Hope you enjoy!!