Family Name Collage

Friday, August 24, 2012
Sooooooo...a few months ago my family came into town and I borrowed them for a little project I've been wanting to try out.  I've seen various projects like this, and I decide it was time to sort of capture a moment in family history.  I cut out some letters on tag board and I had my relatives get in various combinations to hold them.  One particular member was really....really....into letter holding and didn't like NOT being a part of the mix. 
After I went through the pictures, I used a piece of grass as the 'back drop' of empty space and then I squished them and overlapped them together in printshop.  I'm kind of digging the outcome.  I'm going to print some cards out with this picture for my family for Christmas.  They are good sports.  This would be fun for wedding photos, or other various events....

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