Felt Car Mat

Saturday, August 11, 2012
 I made little activity bags for my niece a few years ago.  This last year my family added a little guy to the mix of fun, and it's time he gets some activity bags of his own (which I'm sure Blythe will be happy to help test out. 
His first bag is all about transportation.  I'm filling these bags (pencil pouch) with hotwheels, and I made a little mat to run those cars around, and fold up when the cars go to sleep. 
This was really easy to make.  I bought a large piece of gray felt, and then I built a little city out of varous pieces of other colored felt I had in my storage.  I sewed mine down, but you could also use fabric glue.  It folds down really small, leaving plenty of room for plenty more activity bag ideas....sounds like a challenge I can get behind!  Only a few more crafting months until Christmas!

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Genesis said...

This looks like the perfect Christmas gift for my boys! Just pinned it. Thanks!