Peach Muffin Baskets

Tuesday, August 07, 2012
 One of my favorite things to do....and anyone that has known me for more than five seconds know this, and bring people 'stuff.'  It helps that I blog a lot and am always looking for ideas, but little gifts.  My favorite hobby.  Peaches are in season in Texas, and I love trying out recipes.  Last year I found this recipe for peach muffins I really like.  The recipes easily makes 24 muffins.  I made baskets filled with these guys for friends this year, or individual boxes for friends that don't have to share with 17 kiddos at home.  I used the fruit baskets I had from my teddy bear shower, bought some fabric I cut with pinking sheers (a new addition in the last few years to my 'collection'....I'm always looking for excuses to use them, so if you ever swing by and I ask if you'd like me to trim your clothese....just say now).  Ribbon made from raffiar and that 'hole-ee fabric 'stuff' you find in the costume section at fabric stores....another obsession), and tag. 
 I bagged them all up in cellophane baggies.....the boxes got some brown raffia.  Whoa....I know.  I go all out.
Really, who cares what's inside as long as it's cute, sometimes I deliver my bills in cute packaging to make my day more exciting, but....I really do like these muffins. 

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