Ruffled Streamers

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
 I was browsing a craft store not to long ago and they were selling strands of crepe paper doubled up and ruffled....for 20 dollars a strand (about 10 feet)....uhhh....OK.  I mean, it's cute, but.....if you have a sewing machine and can generally push a relatively strait line, you can make four times that for a dollar. 
I'm throwing a party with a sea theme, and I decided I needed to try this out.  I'm going to hang streamers of this ruffle crepe paper with pearls from the ceiling....can't wait....
 Basically, I just pushed the doubled up crepe paper through the machine, squishing it together every inch or so to make the ruffled look. 
I chopped it up and made strands that were about 7 feet.  Kinda wondering how many of those streamers those sell b/c I think I'm in the wrong business. 

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