Sarah and "Fran"cisco's Wedding

Thursday, August 09, 2012
 My friend Sarah got married on June 24th.  My friends and I threw a shower for her this spring.  Pink Paris.  I also had the pleasure of attending a second shower thrown by her bridal party, and a bachelorette weekend away in Austin, and finally (for now ;o)) a wedding.  I did Sarah's flowers, and she wanted bring pinks, oranges, yellows, and definately gerbera daisies (something her (now) husband sends her a lot knowing it is her favorite....he's a keeper). 
They were married about an hour outside of Dallas...the scariest part of doingn flowers for a friend is keeping them alive for the drive. 
 Sarah's bouquet was hot pink with roses, spray roses and gerberas.  The bridesmaids got yellow and orange flowers, yellow mums, orange spray roses, and orange and yellow gerbera daisies. 
 I mixed all three for the toss bouquet and another centerpiece I made with extra flowers.
 All the groomsmen and ushers were given mum and spray rose boutineres. 
 I made some smaller corsages for the house party (the groom's sister).
 The groom matched the bride. 
 Mom and grandmother's corsage.
Here are a few scenes from the wedding.  We put the toss by the guest sign in along with one of their engagment photos.
 The ceremony.
 The reception.
 The groom's cake had a picture of their dogs, one of the main reasons they were drawn to each other...a matching pair of pooches.  :O)
 Sarah chose a candy bar in her wedding colors.....I got to put my vast collection of apothocary jars to good use....I certainly got my money's worth out of these. 
 And finally, the happy couple.  I've worked with Sarah for 6 years now.  It has been really fun to watch her find love, and find it in someone that loves her, treats her well and truly balances her out as she does him.  It reminds me that God does have a plan for each of us-Jeremiah 29:11, and even when we are the midst of something else, He knows how all the pieces are going to fit together someday and prepares our future, and protects those pieces of our future He brings into our lives at the right time.  I am so happy for them both. I know Fran is going to treat her well, and I know from experience how loyal and thoughtful Sarah is to the people in her life she loves.  I can't wait to see where the next year takes them as the newest Mrs. and Mr.  :O)


Shane and Laine said...

Fun! The flowers look great! I love those colors. She looks so pretty!

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