Paris: Bridal Shower

Saturday, April 28, 2012
April 11th, some friends and I got together to host our pal, Sarah's Bridal Shower.  I've been looking forward to this, and I've known exactly what them to do for several years now.  She just had to get the groom.  She got 'im! 
I posted abou the invitations-Sarah's love for her husband-to-be, hate for chocolate, and passion for Paris here
 I've been posting little details from the shower all week, paper goods I pulled together like this little banner....
 Guest left advice for Sarah about love and marriage. 
 Uhhh....I learned a lot about some of my friends, and....ummm....marriage via these advice cards. 
 I got smart, and went ahead and punched holes, and brought a be-ribboned ring to put these cards on so she has a little book ready to go.  She can scrapbook this later, keep it somewhere special, but....the point is it's together now until she figures out what she wants to do with it.  I always wonder what happens to these little slips of paper I send home with brides, but now, at least I know they live together. 
 Food included champagne (pin thanks to raspberries and a splash of pomegranate), lemonade (pink-that was a given), cream puffs, fruit, cheese, crackers, bread, croissants with butter, strawberry jar, nutella (sorry Sarah, it was for us), mini quiches, and strawberry cupcakes. 
I blogged about these cupcakes earlier this week as well. 
 We also added a lot of flowers.  Sarah loves gerberas, in fact, I'll be weaving some together for her wedding in June and her bouquets, but I also made this carnation topiary I blogged about last week. 
 Sarah and her maid of honor. 
 I blogged about the favors, but this was an idea I was excited about b/c it's non-edible, but still interactive.  I believe in making people work for their favors.  It's a bath salt/scent bar where guest got to mix up their own bath salts. 
I love my friends.  Sarah is the kind of gal that would do anything for anyone, and is a really thoughtful gal.  It's been fun to celebrate these happy days with her.   And, it's just the beginning for Sarah.  In the next few weeks we are headed out of town for her bacherlorette, another party with friends, and eventually I'll be tossing together some flowers for her wedding at the end of June.   In the meantime, I'll just treasure the memories made, and more to come!   Here's the link to all the shower pictures I've posted. 

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