Paris: Favor-Scented Bath Salt Bar

Friday, April 27, 2012
 Soooooooo.....I've hosted/helped host a lot of showers in my day, and my two favorite parts are the book ends.  I love a great invitations that sets the tone of what is to come, and I love a great ending that leaves the guests with a great taste in their mouth....figuratively speaking, though it's usually more 'literal.'  I was really scrounging around for ideas for Sarah's shower.  She's not a huge fan of chocolate, but I wanted something that sort of went with the "Paris" theme.  I thought about all sorts of desserts that scream Paris, but so many involve chocolate, and then....I thought about perfumes. 
I decided to use the same recipe I use a lot for the guest to utilize to make up some bath salts to take home with them.  It's affordable, and fun, and.....different. 
Basically, they were asked to take three scoops of epsom salt, 1 scoop of baking soda, and a drop of bath scent. 
 I was thinking about buying jars at Hobby Lobby, but Lauren suggested we raid our fridges for all sorts of different fun shapes.  Fortunately, one of the other hostesses also has a baby right now moving quicly through jarred baby foods! 
We used this techique for decorating the lids with different black and white patterned papers.  So easy, so quick, so cute.  I love doing this for the seasons/gifts as well!
 I bought some different scents in the soap/lotion sections of the craft store.  The bottles were originally 10 dollars each, but I used a 40 percent off coupon. 
 Here's Sarah scooping out her bath salts. 
I left a bowl by the favor bar for the guest to dump all their goodies in to mix before putting it in a jar. 
 I also left spoons to pour the scent into....a little goes a long way!
 A gift to go home!

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Angela said...

I love doing stuff like this at parties! I will definitely be keeping this in my arsenal of ideas!