Paris: Advice on Love-Guest Sign In and Banner

Thursday, April 26, 2012
 I'll be posting lots of details from the Paris themed shower we threw two weeks ago, but here are some of the paper products.  I made the above banner using book pages I inked the edges of with pink ink.  I mounted them on black paper, and added a crepe paper ruffle, then tied them together with tulle.  You can see our work zone that day, so....lots more details to come.  On each letter, I tried to add a different detail to give it color. 
A got an Eiffel tower stamp and some pink sequins. 
 I made a magazine flower thingie for d....
 O was pinned with an old earring I found. 
 R got some bedazzled pink flowers.
 E got a scrap of lace. 
I also bought an Eiffel tower stand, and made little cards we bound together in a little book for the bride to keep from all over us with advice on love.
 I decorated each page with Eiffel tower stamps, and this french script stamp I have.
  I still have no idea what it says, despite too many years of language to be able to tell you about without an extensive level of shame, but it looks pretty. 
I had printed off Advice on Adore, stamped the page, and then sliced it up into the shape of tags. 
 I added a ring and some ribbon. 
 I used the same two stamps to decorate some plain pink cups.  Champagne was the drink of choice, but we also had some cups for the non-drinkers, which includes me.  I made a sleeve using a coffee sleeve template, stamped it up.  Heather taped them onto the cups for me, and then I added a little black strip of tulle. 

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Lisalulu said...

BEAUTIFUL job. This looks like a fun project that I'm sure the bride to be will treasure! Looks like you had fun with it!