Saturday, August 04, 2012

Wedding Invitation Ornament for Josh and Amber

I made an ornament using my friend Taylor's wedding invitation last year.  I blogged the super simple steps here.  This has quickly become my number one post on pinterest.  This has also become one of my favorite gifts to make for people using programs and invitations from special events.  It's actually hard for me to give these 'back' because I'm such a sentimental person, I want to keep them all, but.....I know they are going to 'good homes.'  I pulled this idea out again this summer for some weddings I attended.  This is for my friend Amber and her new husband Josh.  I used the blue ribbon on the invitation, added a charm and some greens, and then took the most critical parts of the invitation and curled them before putting them in the ornament (all the steps at at the link above).  I just try to make sure the names/locations etc are pushed towards the outside of the ornament when I make these.  Their invite worked well because they used all the colors of their wedding in the guest information and on the invitation so I was able to include the colors IN the ornament as well as outside on the ribbons.  I blogged about the details of their wedding yesterday, so I guess this just about completes the whole event.


Linda said...

I love it! I made one for a young couple that is getting married next month. It was simple but beautiful. Gave them a hanger to display the ornament all year long. Thank you for the idea!