Friday, August 03, 2012

Amber Hearts Josh...and Vise Versa

 This is my friend Amber and her (relatively) new husband, Josh.  Two of the nicest people you'll ever meet.  They were married June 2nd.....June was a busy month for me.  I spent most of the month out of town, and the few times I was here, I was attending weddings.  So, I'm heading back in time and trying to catch up on some of these events.  Amber had a lot of neat details at her wedding, and I figured I'd blog about them because somebody in blog world could be getting married/looking for fun ideas and is ultimately my blog and I want to blog about my friend's wedding.  So....
The location she was married at (in Richland Hills, TX) had the chapel and reception all on site.  She started upstairs, headed down a stair case onto her father's arms, and ultimately down the aisle to her husband to be.  When she first came out, she flashed the I Love You sign to Josh down below....pretty sweet.
 I was the designated florist for the event.  The location had the centerpieces/arrangements for the wedding, but I did the bouquets and other misc wedding party flowers.  The gals wore blue, and the accents were lime green and white.  This is my gift to good friends, but I must confess I'm retiring for a bit.  I have another wedding I'll blog about that I did flowers for at the end of June, and then.....a small break on this avenue of interest.  But....these were fun-spider mum in white and green, hypericum berries, green button moms, roses, spray roses....
 Amber what her bouquet and her groom's boutonniere to be all white.  She wanted pearls on the ribbon to her bouquet, so I sewed them on....
 There were five attendants and one toss, they each got a green and white paisley ribbon (paisley was all through-the groom/groomsmen wore blue paisley ties and a lot of the printing was done with this theme in mind). 
 The party actually took photos before hand at the water garden where they were engaged.  Texas+June heat and these boutonnieres looked a little different at the wedding, but....such is life. 
 I have to order whole sale, so I made a quick arrangement with the extra flowers to toss on a table at the reception. 
 I also grabbed some dark pink flowers.  They wanted to give their Mom's these bouquets at the wedding, dark pink is a 'thank you' color according to tradition.  Each Mom brought a piece of an intricate cross into the wedding down the aisle, and the couple took each one and placed it together on a stand for their unity portion of the ceremony. 
 Josh build this back drop, each guest stood with the people they came with and took pictures of themselves in the windows.  It looks like a living room wall, and they hung pictures of their parents in the frames on the 'wall'...complete with crown molding.  There were  props we could use, and then we signed a book where the pictures will later be slipped inside next to the lines we signed on.  Clever Guest Book idea! 
 At the reception they also had a puzzle of themselves.  Each guest took a piece and wrote their name and a message on the back of the piece. 
 They also had photos of themself with each member of their wedding party and a little paragraph about how they met/how long they knew each other etc....very sweet!
 Amber's dad does home brews of beer and wine and they were offered at the bar. 
 The groom is a fan of Atlanta, so his 'cake' got these on top.  The plan was to make baseball shaped Red Velvet Cake balls (his favorite), but there was a minor catastrophe, and the bakery (his cousin) brought pb cupcakes and some other cupcakes with bacon on top....they were the talk of the night, funny how those things work out!
 First dance as a couple-Jason Mraz-I Won't Give Up
 Father/Daughter-Cinderella by Michael W. Smith.  Dad got to choose and it was her surprise to her, uh....tears.
 Sarah and I at the wedding.....she was three weeks away from her own wedding at this point.  Stay tuned...
 They had a coffee bar.  Her grandmother made coffee holders for each guest in the colors of their wedding, and then you could make your own coffee blend with the offers provided and put them in a bag with check marks.  Their first date was a Starbucks.  I blogged about this when I helped throw a Starbuck's themed shower a few months ago....the banner looks familiar.  I love that she used it!
 There was also a smore bar, a real hit with all the guest.  We've been really working on getting my friend Kristen's husband to break out of his shell....
 We ended the night with sparklers as the send off, and here's a little sneakpeak at the next couple I'll be blogging about along with tidbits from their big day. 
 One last little p.s.  My pal provided flip flops for the guest on the dance floor for those with aching feet.  She attached a little poem asking the guest to put these back in the basket if they didn't need them because she was sending them to the Amazon with me.  These are a huge need along the Amazon River, and my friend know this, such a sweet offering.  I was able to take more than twenty pairs to add to our donations.  It's just so 'Amber and Josh' to add this detail to their wedding.