Blythe's Vacation Book

Thursday, August 02, 2012
 My family made a trip into town in May.  My cousin brought his precious little kiddos with him.  Blythe is three now, but....Aunt Christy, the teacher has been making 'educational' gifts for her since before she was 3-D (aka....birthed).  Last year, when they came, we went to the zoo, and I made her a book.  I had taken pictures of her looking at each animal, and bound it together for her to read.  She read it to pieces.  She's a fan of parroting, and loved 'reading' the book.  At her parents request, when we visited the zoo again I took more pictures and made another book.  These are really easy to put together, and they help cement some Texas 'memories.'  I printed the pages on cardstock front and back.  I took them to a teacher store and was able to laminate the pages for 25 cents a foot (I had 11 pages and it cost me 1.25).  They also have those little book binding combs for 25 cents.  1.50 later....I had a book.  I just threw the pages together through Microsoft Word.  I'm sure you can jazz them up, but.....Blythe is a little rough and tumble at this age and I think she'll appreciate this 'as is.'  I gave this to her to be able to take and enjoy on the plane ride, and in the land far far away called California :O(....gosh, next time I guess her little brother Jonathan may be getting his own little book to enjoy....let's hope it's so soon 'reading' isn't on the agenda yet for him.  Here are the additional pages.  I tried to repeat as many of the sentence structures as possible with pictures of the animals.  NOT that she needs that because, duh, she's brilliant!

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