Friday, September 07, 2012

Pizza Muffins

 I love bite size foods...especially when talking tailgate parties etc.  These are super simple.  I saw a recipe like this via Martha, and just adapted it to make it easy. 
I took refrigerated pizza dough from a can, cut it into squares and slipped it down into muffin tins and sort of 'shaped' the cups.  I didn't add any cooking spray, and they popped out just fine. 
 I decided for my pizza to add tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella cheese. I've also made these with various pizza toppings, but I usually leave the marinara off, and then add a cup for dipping the muffins into to taste. 
One way I've 'tried' to lighten these up is to use the 50 calorie cheese sticks.  I grate these up (tip from WW) makes a really big pile of cheese, and significantly cuts calories. 
 I baked these at 400 for about 13 minutes....basically, until the cheese was browning and the dough looked ready.  Very scientific.  One can of dough made 12 pizza muffins.


Close to Home said...

what a great after school snack too. >love for you to link up to my new recipe hop Friday Food Frenzy. and get some ideas for new recipes too.