Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Recycled T-Shirt Bib

OK, I've seen this idea around the net for several years, and I even had a shirt for the last year, but it was just a matter of finding the time to put it together...come to find out, it took no time at all, just the stars aligning, which equals finding the perfect outfit for my niece, but realizing I needed to include something for her little brother.  I had this old baseball shirt, but how great would it be for some of those free shirts you get at games that have all sorts of ads etc on the sleeve and back, but your favorite team on the front (yes, they are still my favorite despite their late season games)?  Basically, I took a template (here's a free link) and taped it together....
I found the center of my bib and then found the middle point and the fold so I could cut the entire thing at once....
Here it is cut out.  The shirt was a little small, so I ended up pieces some of the top pieces by cutting excess shirt and stitching it to complete the shape. 
I used the back of the shirt for the back of the bib, but an alternative fabric would have been cute.  I pinned both pieces together with the right sides facing each other on the inside.
I stitched all but about two inches, then I pulled it through so it was right side facing out, and I finished up the last little bit by hand. 
I sewed on some Velcro to the top so it closes, a button would work too. 
This would be really great for old band shirts, college shirts, or just fun fabrics.  It's once of the easiest projects I've put together and it's definitely my first of many bibs., plus-I'm indoctrinating my nephew young into the sports teams I would like him to follow, root for, play for, own...whatever. 


Accidentally Wonderful said...

This is great! We are expecting our first child (a little girl) in early March. I have some great old t-shirts that would make excellent bibbs =)