Flower Bows

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
 I found 'the perfect outfit' for Blythe, and it only lacked a hair accessory.  So, my simple solution-I had a pack of about 6 of these hair bands from the dollar tree (I usually use these for tutus...it may be the first time I actually used them for their real purpose).  So....15 cents for the hair thing, then I had some little beads already, and I found these flowers at the craft store. 
 I usually make these curled edge flowers with silk fabric.  Here is that simple tutorial....I just decided I couldn't house anymore extra fabric in my house, so I bought these flowers with a discount. I sewed the beads in the middle, and then used a piece of felt and hot glue to attach the flower to the band. 
 And here the outfit is, complete with hair accessory.  Sparklie tulle....very princess-ish.  It was the kind of outfit that I couldn't leave in the store when I saw it.  The nice thing about being an aunt is the ability to make frivilous purchases.  I mean....essential. 

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