Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chili Cheese Frito Pot Pie

I assure you, this is not a calorie friendly recipe.  I am going to pretend I invented it b/c I've never seen anything like it, a world this big, I have no doubt it's been done before!  Basically, I decided to solve my bread to chili ratio.  When I eat chili of any sort-I have to do a lot of running, but it's worth it to consume those delicious calories.  I also realize that frito pie is a staple in the south and a little more foreign in other parts of the, but man, if you only knew!  So....I had all the makings for chili, but I also had some pie dough that was about to go bad.  I used a hodge podge of stuff from my kitchen and....yum. 
I took a ramekin and just put some crushed fritoes (just enough to cover the bottom) to help the bottom of the pie from being too 'wet.'  Not necessary, but I had a mini bag of chips so....who doesn't want fritoes with their chili? 
 I topped my fritoes with some chili I made in my crockpot the day before-just pick your fav.  I topped the chili with some onions and some shredded cheese. 
 I added a little top and cut some slits so it could 'breath.'  I'm not really sure this was necessary, but.....let's pretend.  If a white crust disturbs you...and it disturbes me, add an egg wash (the white of the egg mixed with a little water). 
 I baked my pie about 30 minutes (until the crust was brown....everything else was already cooked, the cheese just needed to melt, and it had plenty of time to do that...
And there you have it-carbo loading, crap-o loading, winterizing your menu, just a weird thing I put together with weird stuff in my fridge that was pretty tasty.....whatever-it worked!