Monday, November 26, 2012

Ornaments: Chihuahua Ornament

 As soon as I acquired Peanut from his owner (my brother), with minimal tears, and much nagging, I realized he needed an ornament.  All my pets have an ornament on my tree. Uhhh, they don't sell cute chihuahua ornaments? I used to be of the former party that believed the chihuahua wasn't the most precious, adorable, cutest, most beautimous creature on planet earth, but I've seen the light, and what do the stores mean by these strange renditions of the 'chihuahau' that don't in anyway capture how stupendous the breed is?  After two years of hunting, I gave up and made my own.  On a hut for reindeer something or rathers I saw a cute reindeer ornament I modeled this after.  Subtract those antlers, add those radar ears, and you've got yourself a Peanut. 
I involved Peanut in the process, from selecting the perfect shade of brown...
 To face measurements. 
 I stitched his name on one side, so visitors with less artistic vision wouldn't mistake this for a deer on my tree.  Psssh.
 I added those big ears by pinching one end.  Peanut was involved b/c he takes this sort of thing seriously....and because he's always glued to my head.  Whatever he can get closest to, that's where he is at.  Homeboy doesn't have an independent streak anywhere in that little body. 
 He makes a nice project rest. 
 After stitching the face, I added a little stuffing, and stuffed the side with the name, and the face together, and I included a ribbon for hanging, and a bell for holiday sake. 
 I think he was moved. 


tt.scraps said...

Awww!! Christy I LOVE it!!! :) I know exactly what you mean about stores having odd looking chihuahua's! I can't find any eiter. I just need to make a white one and a black one! :) There is nothing like chihuahua love! Merry Christmas to you and Peanut!!!

Lori said...

super cute Christy! I love to follow your blog and your GMA appearances!

Thanks for sharing! Peanut is adorable!

Lori said...

What a cutie pie,I love dogs all them.Does he play with toy you made him? Thank's,, Cookie17

Socorro said...

So cute!