Thursday, November 22, 2012
Today I'm thankful for turkey, and my grandmother's dressing recipe.  She left this earth far too long ago, and has been joined by some really incredible people through the years, but I love the link a recipe brings from what once was, and what still is....
I'm thankful for friends that surround me....the fun memories we've made this year, the funny text we exchange, and long phone calls, cards, hugs, pictures, yogurt and bagel dates....there isn't enough time on this side of eternity to get to make as many memories  as I'd like with each person, but I'm grateful to know these sisters and brothers are part of my life into eternity. 
I'm grateful for a church home, a pastor who speaks the truth, and the ability to learn and share my faith with others. 
I'm grateful for a job...or four.  The people I work with, the people I get to meet and the fact that I still love my job more days than I want to run far far away. 
I'm thankful for puppies.  A slice of happiness in each day that never fails. 
I'm thankful for the long runs  and the fact that my body allows me to complete and then complain about these little jaunts around Texas. 
I'm thankful for my family-the fact that these family relationships have become friendships too and that even when given a choice-I'd still choose to be right here with these people on this day. 

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