Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Recycled Tags

Here's a project I undertook that didn't take a degree in rocket science....which is slightly similiar to the other projects I undertake.....in that, my 3 year old niece can usually do a better job than me. 
I've just always wanted to do this, and by always, I mean....at least two years.  Take an old Christmas card and cut out pieces to make Christmas tags. 

You don't actually 'need' a tag puncher for this, I just have one b/c I don't understand the concept between want and 'need' and so I own it, and try to use it as much as possible. 
Here's the one drawback to this project....you have to punch up someone's Christmas card, which I absolutely can't bring myself to do....not even if it's my dentist or my insurance agent, BUT....problem solved.  Last year I forgot to add some new address to some old friends cards, and then I forgot to readdress them correctly (sorry, Jo)....until well past Christmas, so I punched up my own card.  It was an easy fix for a sentimental person who does stuff like this with your cards.....assuming Jo doesn't mind the lack of correspondense during the 2011 Christmas season.....ooops.