Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Paint Ornament

Every year my niece and I make an ornament.  The first year I pressed her hand print to a glass.  I'm pretty sure this will be something she needs to discuss on a therapist couch someday, but....what is family for if not to feed the therapy bills?  Year two we pressed her finger into a clay gingerbread man.  This year we filled and rolled paint around the inside of a glass ornament. 
This is so simple, and she 'did it' instead of having it done to her.  I dropped some vinegar into an ornament and rolled it around, rinsed it out and let it dry.  This supposedly just gets any dust/glass residue out.  I then pulled out green/red and white paint, she squeezed about a teaspoon of each inside the ornament.  I put the lid back on and she rolled it around until all the sides were coated.  We may have squeezed a wee bit more green than other colors, but you can see the red and white towards the top.  I used an ornament with a shimmer on the inside, so it's shiney.  This wins points for 3 year olds.