Friday, December 21, 2012

Sled Wreath

 I bought this sled at a thrift store for less than four dollars two years ago....and it sat ready to be painted from that point on....
It had been painted with some green holly leaves, but I decided to chang it out with a little gold paint for the legs, and white paint for the top.  After I painted it I took sand paper and scratched off some of the white paint to make it look a little more 'vintage.' 
I decorated it with a burlap and lace bow and some misc holly and berries, and a little tag with a 'vintage' picture of some kiddos on a sled (I just googled Christmas vintage sled picture).  I used one of my favorite techniques and printed this on fabric.  All you do is take some adhesive spray, spray your paper, press your fabric down.  Trim off the edges.  Run it through a printer like a regular sheet of paper!
 It peels right off. 
 I attached it to some thicker canvas from an old book bag, and used some gold thread to sew them together....I wanted it to look a little aged.  I added a little gold/cream bow.  I used super glue to attach it all to the sled. 
 Simple, but fun.  Add some little hangers and a unique door decor for the holidays is ready.