Baby Pearl Necklace

Monday, January 21, 2013
 I just spent the weekend in TN visiting my goddaughter and partner in all crimes juvenile, Regan.  I'm sure I'll have much to post about once I settle back into my home routine, but this is a project we fit in a few months back when she came to visit me.  She showed me a picture of a baby pearl necklace because dissecting things visually and reassembling them in my little workshop...also called, my house, is what I do. 
We snagged some plastic pearls at Hobby Lobby at half off along with these little jewelry rods.
 Basically, you string them together.  Place the pearl on the rod.
 Snip it and curl it around onto the next little 'loop' and add another pearl. 
 I added a jump ring, and threaded the ribbon through the circle, and I hot glued it to itself to hold that end (14 inches total).
 To the other side of my five pearls I added another jump ring and this little ring (also found at the craft store it's one version of a clasp you usually add a 'bar' to the other side to close necklaces). 
 4 inches from the bottom of the loose side of the ribbon I didn't hot glue I sewed a ribbon on...
 ....this prevents me from having to tie 'the perfect ribbon' on a wiggling baby.  Not MY perfect goddaughter, but someone else's baby might not be as perfect. 
 You can tie the loose four inch piece of ribbon onto the ring to connect the necklace together. 
 Ta da.  You can finish off the edges with heat from a candle. 
 Baby all bedazzled with her first necklace her mama and godmother made her.  I can predict this won't be her last. 


Brenda said...

How cute! Thanks for the tutorial.

Lori said...

Now that is precious, I think Baby Fox might need one!

Dianna Oshanyk said...

So precious and thanks for the tutorial.