Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cars Gift

 There comes a point in my life....right around Christmas where I sometimes have to hand over the homemade to other home makers.  My little buddy, Donovan, has a birthday five days after Christmas.  I wanted to fill a package with everything this (now) three year old loves....enter-Car themed gift package.  I've been trying to either personalize, or find someone who personalizes all the gifts I send this year-and I had to share this fun find.  I found this shirt on Etsy, and I could not be more pleased with the design and quality, and price.  I will first say that the only thing that prompts me to write this post is that I truly was just pleased and I love to share great sellers with great products.  The service was fast, shipping more than reasonable, and she completely exceeded my expectations on all ends.
I found a bunch of stuff with Car themes at Targets (not really a) dollar spot.  I also found a bunch of candy and stickers with the related theme at Party City, and then I ordered this shirt from Ruffles and Bow Ties on Etsy.  By the time I priced this shirt....doing it myself and having it embroidered was the same price, and a lot more time consuming that letting Kerry do it....
 Check it out?  I'm pretty sure this little guy is going to love this shirt.  ...and I can guarantee I'll be getting more of these little treasures from this shop.