Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Picture Pages (AKA Dictionary Page Print)

 I've been seeing these little dictionary page printings all over the net....for sale.  Uhhh, I've been around for a little while, I have an expired dictionary or six in my possession...and the ability to do a little google search for a picture.  I have a lot of 'travel' stuff in my house/living room where this is going to live, so after deciding on the word 'destination'....I located this page in the dictionary and ripped that puppy out (I'm sure it's not necessary to match the page with the word to the picture/word...unless you are me, then it's necessary, any old vintage book page ain't gonna work for my peace of mind!). 
I figured out the size and font I wanted and printed it off on some scratch copy paper. 
I then taped the edges of the page I wanted and positioned it to how/where I wanted the picture/wording to go. 
 I ran it through the printer....
 It was smaller than the 8x10 page, so I created my own mat with some scrapbook paper. 
Simple and fun....and I have a few thousand more dictionary pages I can now go find pictures and phrases for....