Month to Month Mickey Stickers

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Last spring I made month to month onsies for a friend of mine who had a little girl.  The idea is they wear them each month for a picture to document their growth.  I used transfer paper, and I posted the process here.  I feel like onsies are fairly forgiving, but I also have seen these little round stickers you can buy for onsies (though the older the kiddo gets heading towards that '12th' month, the more the likelihood you may need to sneak this sticker on from what a few friends shared).  I decided I wanted to recycle the idea for my friend Maurine who is having baby boy #2 in just a few short weeks.  She is also in love with all things Disney, as is her first little guy, Donovan.  I decided to explore the options of making my own stickers, and personalizing them with a Mickey them (which went with my whole gift....more on that soon). 
 The first step was finding some stickers.....I hunted down 4 inch stickers, and found them for a reasonable price (you get 80 stickers,which will make quite a few sets of these for the future) at  I can't really say they are superior to any other product, I'll just say they were the only ones I was able to find, and they worked for my purpose, BUT I could not find a template online for four circles....enter my ghetto computer skills. 
 So....I created this Mickey belly (I saw one similar I liked) in paint shop (yes, 11th grade computer teacher-that did come in handy).  You are free to use it, I saved it here (I just used 'snag it or print page' and a free Disney font to change the month). 
 I printed off a few test copies, used a window to hold the sticker in front to see if the size was right....and then I cut up my stickers, put them directly over the circle, taped the corners, and print each month. 
 Ghetto fabulous, I think so!   I'm really not interested in brushing up on computer skills or circle formatting blah blah blah.....I'm happy with the results and have big plans for the other stickers....just as soon as the rest of my friends give me a reason to start printing. 
I can't wait to see the little guy in a picture each month wearing his Mickey Belly. 

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