Monday, April 02, 2012

12 Months of Onsies

 A lot of my friends post monthly pictures of their little ones.  I've seen these onsies around, and I've always wanted to give this as a gift.  My pal, Stephanie, had a baby shower last weekend, and I decided to finally pull this out of my 'projects I hope to do someday' file and get moving.  I found a free printable for the monthly circles at NickWillJack.  She has an assortment of colors.  I chose pink.  Kinsley's room is going to pink and brown, and I just get the feeling Mom is OK with this choice. 
 I bought a selection of white onsies at the craft store, trying to keep in mind the sizes tend to run a little small in most baby clothes.  I'd like to submit I encounter this same problem in adult clothes....
 I printed off the free printable onto this InkJet Transfer Paper I bought at the craft store.  Use a coupon, they are a little pricey.  I also learned, the hard way, that you need to print the backwards version of this so you can iron it on and it reads correctly (she offers the backwards printable on the site as well. 
 I cut out my circles, AGAIN next time I'd leave that quarter inch border so if it doesn't peal perfectly, it won't be the pink, but rather the clear that is a little nicked. 
 You iron it with the ink side facing down to the onsie for about 90 seconds, let it cool...
 Carefully peel.
 It should now be washable. 
 I rolled up the onsies. 
 And tossed them in a container.