Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Elvis Clipboard

So.....today is Elvis' birthday, I know this because PBS is usually taken over by his legacy videos today....and every other day between now and his next birthday.  I used the same process I always use for a clipboard here to make this for our VP last year at work.  She's a little bit of a fan.  My teaching partner and I bought a book about Elvis on half price books, and then we put our scissors to work.  We used some glitter gold spray paint to give the top clip the appropriate treatment for the king.  Pasted the pictures down, and mod podged over them. 
We added her name to the bottom of the front, and did a layer of mod podge there as well.  We originally used super glue to glue down the ribbon, but you could see the dots through it, so we went back and added hot glue as well.  Thank you....Thank you very much.


Lori said...

omg!!! I LOVE Elvis and I LOVE this clipboard! Want to make another one???