Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Vintage Door and New Buffet

Here is my something new done with something old for the new year.   This is my current work in progress....I have a lack of serving space, really, a lack of anything in the kitchen storage department.  It's a big enough kitchen for a single, but not large enough for the occasional dinner, and the storage is certainly lacking.  Though it means less space, my sanity was saved when I found this narrow, roomy buffet I could store stuff in via IKEA.  I've been haunting antique stores, and it's still my hope to find something someday but ten years later....I can live with this until I find that 'perfect' antique.  It will, maybe, someday get a coat of paint, but for now it just gets a spot. 
What finally motivated me to grab it was the door.  I originally had these Women and Wine paintings in my dining room that I was going to 'someday' get framed.  Ten years later.....
 I found a door to steal their spotlight instead.  I have coveted this door at this little antique shop in Palestine, TX.  I gazed at it for over a year before I finally surrendered to the inevitable.  It was the perfect colors.  I went to Home Depot for hanging advice, and I ended up using the hinges in place and these dry wall anchors, so much easier that I imagine, and no damage done to the door. 
 This is hand carved, and once probably lived on a pantry door.  I love the lace pattern in the stain glass and those jewel tones are what did it for me. 
 I'm still working....finding little stuff like these draws to house some of my favorite cookbooks. 
 I'm also working on some colorful Pyrex bowls....I'm still missing red.  It's almost a national emergency....almost....
I decided to post my version of  an 'old door' in my house....and also the beginning stages of some new dining room fun to get me to finish the project....


Kelly Bearman said...

I love that buffet! Super cute!!

Miz Helen said...

Good Morning Christy,
I just watched you on GMT and so excited to find your blog. I love your Christmas Album and will be making that this year. Stop by and have tea with me over at my Country Cottage. Wishing you a great 2013!
Miz Helen
A New Follower