Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Frame to Tray

 I'm headed to GMT tomorrow to share some things you can do with some 'things' you get for Christmas that you might get in abundance from frames.  I'll work on a more prolific vocabulary before 9 am tomorrow...Frames:  There is only so much wall space, right?  As opposed to sticking these guys in a box labeled 'spring garage sale''s a repurposed idea that is super easy to throw together....seriously.  I've seen it around, always considered trying it out, and 3 minutes later....I did. 
Basically, instead of pictures, though you could do a collage of pictures as well, I bought some scrapbook paper.  This particular frame required two sheets, so I just matched the design and taped it together on the back, then trimmed it down to size using the insert inside.  44 cents total on that.
 I found these handles at Hobby Lobby, though any home improvement store should have them, but every other week HL puts their knobs and handles half off.  I used furniture tacks (nails are fine too) and hammered them into the frame (the only trick is making sure it's a real wooden frame, if it's not-use permanent glue). 
I've seen where people have also used knobs to create little feet for their stand, but.....I only have 4 1/2 minutes, and two other projects.  Incidentally, no feelings were hurt in the making of these projects-I went to the thrift store for frames instead of my gift supplies! 


Ashley said...

Love this idea! I also love the paper you used!