Crafts with Christmas Gifts

Thursday, January 03, 2013
I'm headed to GMT today to create crafts out of some common gifts that are given for Christmas, but aren't always as easy to incoporate into a home or wardrobe that is well established.  Instead of regifting....craft it.  I was given quite a list to select between, but I chose three...ties, frames, and Christmas cards.  I also narrowed it down to what I was able to demo in the time provided, but I'll attach a few more because I've visited these 'craft mediums' quite a few times over the years.  If you love every single gift, tie, frame, and card you received this year, you can also head to the thrift store to pick these up. 
1.  Crafts with Ties-I love ties, and a friend recently gave me a whole bag of them she had cleaned out of her house.  I have big craft plans for most of those, but here are a few things I'll be sharing, with a few other things I've done with these little treasures in the past. 
Tie Flowers-Click on the title for the original tutorial, and I'll link the video to facebook. 

Tie Handled Coffee Bean Bag

Dye your Easter eggs using ties.  I shared this idea last year on GMT, here is the link to the source and tutorial. 

2. Crafts with Cards
Reclycled Tags

Christmas Card Albums

3. is a link to 8 frame projects, just scroll down and click older to see them all.  The first one is the project I'm sharing today....I made this tray yesterday...

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