Friday, January 04, 2013

Individual Dip Bread Bowls

 I saw this idea on picky palate and thought it was genius for football parties.  Nothing is less appetizing than watching 437 other people digging into why not create some mini bowls with the dip touch-it's yours?  You can use any version of spinach dip-mix it all up, but before baking=grab a canned french loaf. 
 I sprayed tins with cooking oil, and then lined each with the french loaf.  I was able to get about ten 'regular' size muffins out of the can.  If you want less dough, roll them thinner.  But really, who wants less dough?
 I created a crater in the middle, and filled it with my uncookied dip.  I topped the tops with a little parmesan. 
 I baked them at 350 for 12-15 minutes until the edges were browned. 
I'm definitely doing this in the future for 'other dips.'  I think the key is cooking the dough all the way through.  The dip will follow. 


Diane said...

That looks wonderful. I love spinach dip. Will have to try this one at the next party.