Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Decorate Your Own Clips

 Just a fun, quick project to share. I love decorating these binder clips.  I've sprayed them down, and scrapbooked them up in every which way.  I've used these in scrapbooks, I've used them to close bags for holidays, and in this case, I made these to attach to some papers at work for a meeting. My teacher partner and I are all about themed meetings....it helps deliver whatever message we've been charged with sharing....we provide clips with ribbons attached to whatever the info-and serve an appropriately themed snack.  This theme was-Valentine's Day.
These are super easy to put together....scrapbook paper, ribbons, glue stick, and clips. 
I measured the clip and cut it down to size, then just glue it onto the clip. 
 I tie up the end with ribbon....ribbon makes everything better.  Try it.