Frosted Doily Candy Jars

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
 Here is a super fast and easy idea for packaging up some Valentine's Candy.  I was on Good Morning, Texas and I brought some projects to share using the doily.  I'm sure this has been done before, but here is my idea for a little something....old love (frosted spray) meet new love (doily).  I took an old gravy jar and covered the lid with scrapbook paper and mod podge using this tutorial (so easy-transform any jar). I used a quick spray of adhesive spray to temporarily stick the doily to the glass.  It pulls on and off if you don't love your initial placement.  Once you are done spraying you jar, it peels off again.  I did put the glossier side down just to make it an even easier peel without any little piece of paper that needed to be cleaned off.
 One it was 'stuck' I took my frosting spray and gave it a coat (I stuck my hand in the bag and held it so I wouldn't frost my nails).
 It dried in about three seconds, and now it's ready for some candy.....which would be a great gift for a friend if I could prevent myself from eating the contents.

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