Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Easter Story

 I've seen the idea for telling the story of Jesus in a dozen eggs on the web, and at stores.  My friend's kiddos are finally old enough to start to understand the details of Jesus' story to the cross, and utlimately into our hearts.  If there is one thing I can pass along.....this is the message I'd share with each of the kids God has brought into the lives of my friends, and ultimately mine.  I'm making up a couple dozen of these this year to send as Easter gifts.  Each egg has a piece of the story, a verse, and a visual.
Egg 1:  Heart charm with cross, John 3:16
 Egg Two:  Palm leaf, Matther 21:  1-11
*These palm leaves are part of a palm tree I got at a cake decorating store, usually for the top of a cake.)
 Egg Three:  Bread, Matther 26:  17-19, 26
*I found these breads in the dollhouse section of the craft store.
 Egg Four:  3 Pieces of silver (dimes), Matther 26: 14-15, Matther 27:3
 Egg Five:  Wooden Cross, John 19:17-18a
 Egg Six:  Thorns, Matthew 27:29, John 19:2
 Egg Seven:  Dice, John 19:23
 Egg Eight:  Nail, John 20:25b
 Egg Nine:  Sponge, Matther 27: 34, 48
 Egg Ten:  Fabric, John 19:40
 Egg Eleven:  Rock, Matther 27:  59-60, John 20:1
 Egg Twelve:  Empty, Matthew 28:6, Lucke 24:6