Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paper Mache Easter Egg Wreath

 It was time for a new Easter wreath.  I made one a few years ago using hollowed Easter eggs in brown/white, and a few I even sprayed pink.  No reason....I never need an excuse to make a wreath.  And this wreath I made for about 3 dollars.....add the bow and I might have to say 5...I had the ribbon, pearls and sealant.  I grabbed a wreath at the dollar store, four bags of these eggs on clearance after Easter for 25 cents each, old newspaper, glue, and this bag of plant 'stuff', also sold at the dollar store. 
 I took out the plant 'stuff' and covered the wreath it, and secured it by wrapping wire all the way around the wreath.  This just made the base a little bit thicker/fuller.
 I then tore strips of black and white newspaper, dragged it through a mix of glue/water (about 1 T to 1 c. of water-nothing was exact), then covered the eggs with one layer to look like a paper mache circle. 
 I super glued the eggs onto the moss covered wreath, and I sprayed with with a clear sealant I had to prevent it from getting too ragged in the weather since it's going to be housed outside this Easter. 
I added a bow, and a little nest and large pearls....also in the hodge podge of stuff I already have.  See, hoarders producers looking for a new episode, I use all this stuff, I really do!