Saturday, February 24, 2007

You are now an accessory to my crime....

On Friday evening I went to church to help babysit, it's a once a month thing the church organizes so parents can have a night out. I had a good time working with the twin 5-year-old autistic boys from my class, but I was in heaven when we went to the indoor playground and there were 15 of the cutest little two year olds I've ever seen, there were about 3 of them I wanted to steal, they were sooooo cute! I can't even begin to describe how precious and adorable there were, imagine a cute baby you have seen times a million and you are somewhere in the ballpark....all babies are cute at each age, but-wow-is 2 a sweet, sweet age. If you are raising kiddos right now, I'm moving in when they are two b/c I was having a blast with those little dolls, but you will be glad to know I was able to walk out the door without one or two under my arm.
This evening was Sunday School game night, I was dreading going, I was just in one of those moods...but I ended up having a good time. My team won Cranium, so winning always does help the mood at the end of the evening :O).
I also managed to check one thing off my to do list.....A few years back I saw an Easter wreath at a store I liked, and figured I'd try making, and then again last year I saw a picture in a magazine of something similar and even started collecting the 'stuff' to make it (hallowed out eggs) -which has been sitting around my house all year, this weekend I finally sat down and did it (or rather stood over it and spray painted, glued, tied raffia etc)'s not the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and I'd probably pass by it at a store, but the real issue here is....I can finally check a project that has been sitting on my to do list off the list! Next-packing, I'm leaving for Regan's wedding on Wednesday.....I look forward to posting pictures and details!


mcewen said...

You can't imagine the relief you have provided to the parents of the twin autistic boys - what a dream come true!
As for the egg wreath - I remember seeing the exact same thing and thinking, 'now if I could just find the time....." well done, it looks great.
Best wishes