Book: Vintage Books New Stationary Envelopes

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
 I got a bunch of books from a used book sale a few years back and they've been collecting dust, which is probably what they have been doing most of their life.  The only time I can actually tear up a book is when I haven't owned it since it was born.  This was a withdrawn book from a library, I know because I saw the stamp inside that said so.  The pictures were fun and I knew it would make the perfect set of envelopes.  Any book or old paper would work.  How cute would these be for teacher stationary?  Add some blank cards you make with cardstock you fold over, stamp the teachers name on the front and tie them up with a cute ribbon. 
I pulled out my favorite pages that were left from other projects!  The neat thing is these are the innards and outers of each envelope, so a very colorful gift in a mail box. 
 I used a really basic template to trace out the shape of a card, cut around the edges and folded the two sides in towards the inside.  Here is a link to the free template.
 I added a little glue, then folded the bottom half up to create the pocket.
 I'll add some stickers (I'm thinking frogs) to seal the envelopes with, but...I can hardly wait to ship these out. 

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