Mini Pull Tab Pinata Palooza

Thursday, April 25, 2013
I saw the idea for mini pinata's over at loveandcupcakes and I knew I had to add this to this year's teacher themed testing week o' fun.  This year some of the gals on the leadership team got together to try to create some fun 'snack options' during breaks from the state testing for the teachers to looking forward to/enjoy.  Invites are always important, as is candy.  So....we made these little pinata's for everyone administering the state test to great them the morning of testing in their office mail box.
For the pull, I attached a little piece of wrapped candy to a string with tape.  
I taped it inside as well.  
 I covered the bottom of a toilet paper tube with tissue paper, making a small hole to pull the string through with scissors.
I cut little pieces of folded strips of tissue paper so there was a fringe...
...and (called in reinforcement) and we glued these to the body of the tube.  
Fill it with candy (you can fill it before you wrap it all the way up and close the top off too, or I just left the tops open.  
We added a little 'pull me in case of emergency tag' and a string (via two holes on the side) to hang these in all the boxes.   

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