Book: Once Upon a Time... Lamp

Friday, April 26, 2013
I saw this idea for a reading lamp at ChicaandJo and I knew I 'needed' one of these for my classroom.  This was one of the easiest projects I've put together.  It cost a grand total of 6 dollars for the lamp (plus more for the light bulb)....and that's a pretty sweet deal for something that'll grace my classroom for years to come.  The neat thing is you could really do this with any design you want to broadcast.
I found a stand for five dollars at IKEA and a lamp shade for 99 cents.  I cut out the phrase Once Upon a Time... using a cricut, BUT you can also just bring it off on cardstock with your favorite font.   
 You can use tape or adhesive spray to attach this to the lamp.....I decided on tape so I could reposition....the shade is just thick enough that you can't see the tape, but you see the letters dark and clear.
 Taped inside.....again, you can use adhesive glue spray as well and paste it to the inside of the shade.  You can also print it off on cardstock, and then adhere it with tape or spray as well and the paper shouldn't be visible, but the black letters will. 
 And....ta da.  A fun little lamp for a reading corner.

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