Sombrero Cookies

Monday, April 29, 2013
 I've seen multiple versions of these all throughout the internet, is my version, just in time for Cinco de Mayo.  Sombrero Cookies!
I used Oreos because...hello, there is nothing better than cream filling.  I've seen these made with vanilla wafers.  I actually found an Oreo with sprinkles inside so they were even festive to the bite.  I also used yellow melting chocolate.  You could use white and dye it yellow, but.....I'll let someone else do that for me.  The only other things you need are sprinkles and yellow gumdrops. 
 I melted the chocolate at 30 second intervals.  Mine took about 1 1/2 minutes.  Stir every 30 seconds and it's ready when it's smooth.  The time usually depends on how much you are melting at one time, I go in small doses so it doesn't harden too quickly.  Dip your Oreo.  Place it on wax paper.  I then dripped the gumdrop bottom. 
 I added sprinkles to the wet chocolate, then placed it on the still wet cookie to adhere. 
 I let the chocolate harden,then melted the chocolate again, rolled the edge in chocolate, then in sprinkles, and...ta da.
 See, sprinkles in the middle.  You could quickly twist off the top of the cookies and add your own sprinkles. 
The toughest part of blogging is having to test the creations. 

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