Helping Hands Teacher Hand Gel

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
 I've seen versions of this around, and I've even done this a few times in the past with other little quotes and sayings.  This go round I pulled the 'hands' sayings for teachers.  Here is a free link if you want this version.  I just added the teacher names to the top in a word document. These are super easy to put together, and as a teacher, there is never enough hand gel.  Seriously.
I found this large bottle at the dollar store.  The back label was a little tricky to peel off, so I rubbed a little peanut butter on it (this helps with sticky stuff and bottles....I don't know how the greasy pb works, but it does...)
 I put three of these helping hands per page (I'm sure four would have fit).  I've found if you use the transparency papers that go through a copier the ink stays better than those you run through a printer.  If you don't have these lying around at home, you can usually get them done at office copy places around town and they can do black or white or color for a buck or less.
 I cut it down...
 ..and slipped it into the bottle.  I used the straw to push it into place.
 Super cute, and it can be refilled.  I made this for about 1.50 (if that)....

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