GMT: End of the Year Teacher Gifts

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm headed to GMT this morning to share a few of my favorite school revamped school supplies.  As the end of the year is approaching, why not make a few cute little gifts of appreciation for teachers to start their years with next year?
Above is my favorite from this year, gold letters. You can do this with any color spray paint, but gold is 'my color' this year.  Here is the full, and super simple link to the tutorial.
I'll also be sharing yesterday's tutorial for hand gel.  I buy this stuff by the gallon....literally.  At the end of the year we are rationing hand gel and kleenex as the supplies and money runs low!  I have a link to the innards attached to yesterday's tutorial-free to a good home.
Pending time and mood I'll also be sharing the tutorial for duct tape projects. We carry these around at my school and take our notes.  I made them for some of the gals I work with because I can....

I use binder clips by the busload....

These are so simple to make and I use them a lot when we have meetings because no matter what stack of paper I'm delivering, it goes over better with a cute clip!  Here is that tutorial.
Last up (I'm being ambitious) are these little could make these with the kids in the class (that would be funny) or just cute scrapbook paper.

I'll link to today's show to my facebook page (OK, Mom?).  I've already started on some super cute projects to post next August....with a few more weeks in this year.....time to redecorate my room....the important stuff I spend my evenings's gonna change lives.

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