Spa Party

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
 Each year, in the spring, things get a little tense in Texas elementary schools as the STAAR test arrives.  The day of testing everything is in shut down mode.  Teacher's 'actively' monitoring groups testing....which means staring at students with two little breaks via an administrator to escape.  This year the Leadership Team brainstormed something fun for the teachers to be able to swing by and 'do' during their short break....and the school spa was born.  My teammate and I put together some invitations that were in the form of water bottles with little spa girls and fun phrases I printed on paper and cut down, then we taped onto the bottles.
We also attached trail mix packs to get them through until their break-pretzels, almonds, and bliss candy (hence the name).
It always starts with a fun invite for me.  I've seen lots of fun spa themed party ideas, but since this was for a massive group (and on a teacher's budget)....this was as good as it got this go 'round!
 We put lotions and chocolates in a basket...provided music, a fountain, little massage things.  We also rolled up little towels, got them wet and added some mint and then put a crockpot on warm (still had to watch them b/c they got hot after a few hours, but it was fun).
 The principals brought some massage chairs....which my teammate and I tried out to make sure they worked when we were setting up ;o)....they worked.
 We also provided semi healthy snacks....

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