Old to New Mosaic Table

Friday, June 28, 2013
Years ago I bought a little side table for the lawn chair on my deck....but after a hail storm, and life outside over the last few years....the glass mosaic was falling apart, but the iron stand was in great condition, so I decided to rebuild and retile.  
 I got some cheap/thin wood from Home Depot and drew the outline of the insert.  My friend Terry cut it out for me via a jig saw (because I've lost one....this is a problem, a jig saw isn't exactly a button....I don't know how one loses a jig saw....)
 I slipped it down into the hole, but if you found a cheap table, you can build your own design over the existing table top.
 I had some left over grout from a bathroom project (I can't stand 'real' home repairs-anytime I actually do something 'real' I expect to get a letter of congratulations from the president or something...I'm still waiting for my letter...).  I found some mosaic tiles at Michael's (near the candy and soap making supplies, though you could use dishes or tiles and break up your own!), and I grabbed a bag of gemstones, and a plastic glove to eliminate the 3rd and 4th bath it would have required to remove the mess.
 I put one thin layer of grout down on the wood, stuck my tiles and gems down, and then covered the whole thing (all the cracks) with grout.  I then took about 600 towels and wiped off the tiles and gems so they showed, but the grout surrounds them making a flat surface.
Now I feel the need to go and get all new lawn pillows to match....seems like a sound plan....

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