July 4th Ruffle Skirt

Monday, July 01, 2013
 I made this little patriotic dress for my goddaughter.  I saw this via heartbreakkids several years ago and I knew I had to try it out!
I bought a tshirt and I had my pal Regan chase Micah down and measure her around the waist and the length .
 I made the front blue section the width (17 inches).
I made the bustle separate and sewed strips of red and white fabric I had hemmed and then pinned to make a 'ruffle.'
Then I sewed each layer down.
 I pinned the blue around the front.
 and sewed it to the tshirt...
 I left the back unsewn until I added the bustle.
 ...and trimmed excess shirt.
 I pinned the bustle to the back of the shirt...
 ...along with two ribbon ends...
 I sewed it all down to the back of the shirt and added a seam to hold the bustle and blue together (you could also create one full white skirt and add the blue over the whole thing....but I didn't have that thought until afterwards...plus...that's a lot of fabric-and this is already a lot of fabric.

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