Burlap Watermelon

Tuesday, July 02, 2013
 I made this burlap door hanging for my Aunt to hang on her door this summer.  I've seen these burlap hangings popping up all over, and I had a little extra burlap and I decided instead of storing it I need to use it up!
I cut out two slices in the shape of a watermelon (I actually cut on the fold so it was one less side to glue later.
 I just used regular paint and a foam brush to add the colors of the watermelon to my slice.  I painted on a trashbag, which helps the paint 'pool' a little and stick better to burlap.  Burlap and screens, I've found, do best when painted on bags or the paint will seep through.
 I used little round dabbers for my seeds.
I used a glue stick to glue the front to the back, but left about 6 inches open on one side....
 I stuffed it with plastic bags to make it 'puff.'
 I added rope and ribbon.  Super easy.

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Holly said...

Very cute! Great job.