Good Morning, Texas-Play Tents and Forts

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
 I'm headed to Good Morning, Texas today to share some of the Christmas gifts I've been working on this summer.   We are going to make play tents (like the one above).  Here is a link to the fairy tent  tutorial, the non-sewing one I'm posting below, and then I'll later add a clip from today's show on my facebook page.  I'll be making a tent on a hula hoop, as well as a fort in a bag.  Those full instructions live here.  The below is the finished project I'm bringing, but I'm going to have the co-host help me get started on my next one, which is going to be a pirate's den.  I'll be working on that over the next week or so and post it later.  :O)
You can use some simple sewing tips, but you can also make these without a needle or thread anywhere in sight.  Just buy clips and your fort builders can clip and rig up the sheet for the fort in any creative way-no ties necessary.  For the hula hoop (which you can get at the dollar store).  Grab an old sheet, curtains, head to the thrift store, or you can get a new flat twin sheet for 4 bucks at the super center....
 The only other thing you will need are safety pins and rope.
 I cut the rope to the length I wanted it to be (about 3 feet, based on where I'm hanging it)....
 Once you have three of these tied.....add the sheet.
 Just fold it over about 4 inches and pin it.
 When you go over the ropes, pinch the two sides around it.... the pinched part down to the sheet.
You can add tulle, ribbons, fabric piled on top...whatever....pillows, blankets, books below, and you've got a fun little reading nook.  As soon as the show wraps I'll be headed home to finish up my pirate den, and then I've got another hula hoop 'boy-ish' theme planned for my cousin's youngest boy.  :O)  I have a few months until his b-day (in January).....but....that's how I do things around here!  

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